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JenJammin Sax - Spain based House music saxophonist - Bio

JenJammin Sax' is a UK house music saxophonist & composer / producer, based in Spain.


Jen was born with an instant love for music. She would only go to sleep if music was playing on the radio. Being the youngest in a musical family, Jen was surrounded by a variety musical genres & instruments. Music practice was done before school, & on Saturdays, Jen committed herself to training at Manchester’s 'Junior Royal Northern School of Music.' It was here that Jen truly developed her music skills in composing & performing (piano & clarinet at the time).


Fast forward to her early 20s, & Jen was midway through her music degree in Leeds, unsure about the direction to take her music career. However, it wasn’t long before Jen found her answer. The Leeds house music & nightlife scene was electric & stole Jen’s heart. This would now become Jen’s musical focus. After graduating, Jen transitioned to house music. She moved to Spain, bought a sax & a computer to make her own music.

From around 2020, Jen started to make a name for herself as a house music artist. She was making and releasing her first few records with some exciting producers such as Tom Brownlow and Kryder, with her tracks getting signed to labels like Armada Music, Storm, and Vivifier, to name just a few. DJs around the world were also supporting and playing Jen's sax edits on radio stations such as KISS FM and Select FM.

When Jen isn't in the studio, she is likely watching football, eating food, chasing the sunshine, or performing at events with her boyfriend Ben, her long-standing DJ/Duo partner.

Jen is proudly endorsed by Legere Reeds

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