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  • How do we book?
    First, please fill out the wedding enquiry form and we will get back to you with a quote and info. When you would like to book, and all the details are provided and fixed up, Jen and Ben will take you through the booking process. Please note - the only official reservation of the date is made by booking payment. If you are keen to book quickly so that you can secure your wedding date, please try and provide all the information as quickly as possible so the details can be fixed up, which is required prior to any deposit. If you would prefer to chat on the phone or whatsapp instead of using the form please contact us on 0034654102370
  • Where abouts do you perform?
    We perform mainly in Costa Blanca, and we travel frequently to venues in the Murcia and Alicante regions of Spain. When you enquire please include the venue name and address - we always consider weddings no matter the location. Whether we can do it, depends on our schedule and location of the venue. When you are booking us for weddings, please find out before you send your enquiry form that the area we would be performing in is suitable for loud music.
  • What music will you play?
    We play upbeat, commercial, house music which includes current house music tracks (charts), house classics and house sax classics eg, Jubel. The style for our sets remain the same at all times. Examples of music artists in our set include: David Penn, John Summit, Kryder, MK, Bakermat, Klingande, Joel Corry, and Ehrling. We don't play other genres of house music in our DJ&Sax sets, eg. tech, chillout or acid. If you would like to request a few of your own favourite house music tracks, please let us know when booking and DJ Ben will add them into the set. For any sax requests ( that JenJammin Sax doesn't already play ) these can be requested at booking - please note there is a charge for this tailored / extra service and Jen will discuss what is possible with you ) If you book the extra DJ-ing service for after our DJ/Sax set, DJ Ben will play whatever style of music you request during this time. For this, you can provide a playlist of your favourite songs prior to your wedding day, or instead you can just let us know your favourite genres and artists!
  • What is your current music set-up?
    You will find recent images and videos of our music set-up on the Instgram page. All of the following top of the range equipment is included: DJ booth - lights up at night PA system - speakers, mixer, 2 wireless systems for sax, decks and wirless mircophone for announcements (most of this equipment sits on the DJ booth table / out of sight) Stage lighting for bookings after sunet
  • Can we book only acoustic sax?
    It's not possible to book the sax just by itself - Jen and Ben come together as a duo. JenJammin Sax always plays alongside her partner DJ Ben at weddings in Spain. Ben is also a wedding DJ in his own right and started DJing at weddings in Leeds (UK) long before Jen played the sax! So you can book a longer day and DJ Ben will play for you at various points in the day.
  • What is a suitable area for the music set-up?
    We must set-up in a suitable area, for reasons of health and safety and to ensure the equipment isn't damaged during your wedding day. These guidelines will help you to find an area that's best; Floor surface - flat/even and dry. Inside - approx 3m wide x 3m deep (can be slightly smaller) Outside - approx 3m wide x 3m deep x 3m high - this allows space for our white pop up gazebo for shade / shelter. Within 15m max. of a power socket - ideally this should be situated behind the music area. Some space infront for you to dance!
  • What happens if we book you for outside and there is rain in the forecast?
    We will use a white pop up gazebo When we arrive, if the weather is too risky to be outside, and you have decided to move the wedding to indoors, there must be a suitable area indoors for us to set-up in ( please refer to " What is a suitable area for our set-up?" )
  • Can other people use the music equipment?
    No. For various reasons, we don't allow other people to share our equipment. If you have other DJ's or entertainers on the day they should use their own personal equipment and set-up in a different space. You can use our wireless microphone to make an annoucement, but if you feel too shy or you'd just like to relax and let DJ Ben take care of your annoucement, that can be included in our service on the day.
  • Can we perform during your evening party?
    Yes! We love evening parties!... and it's also one of our most popular bookings Quite often, we play straight after the first dance, which guarantees your evening party starts off with a bang, with everyone joining you up on the dance floor for the start of the DJ/Sax set. However, it's possible to book us for later in the night too! Here's a photo of our evening set-up, which was for a wedding in Javea...
  • Can we perform during your wedding cocktails?
    Yes! We love playing for wedding cocktails :) We normally play as soon guests enter the cocktails area, which sets the tone perfectly for your celebrations with our upbeat DJ&Sax set.
  • Can you provide the music for our first dance?
    Yes we can! DJ Ben can play any track for you. For sax, costs apply for learning and performing a pop song. Please include your request for the first dance song in the message box at the bottom of the wedding enquiry form. Make sure to include the song title / artist name and specify if it's for sax or to be played by DJ Ben only (no sax)
  • Can you perform during our wedding ceremony?
    Yes! DJ Ben can play your songs or your can book a sax song.
  • Where can you find us online?
    Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Soundcloud, YouTube, iTunes, Spotify and Google play!! Search 'JenJammin Sax' on Google and you will find us there. Alternatively, on this website you can click the social media icons and links to music platforms.
  • Are you fully legal?
    Yes we are fully legal professional musicians in Spain ( autonomo ) We have all the neccessary paperwork to provide to your venue on the day should this be requested. We have a good level of public liabilty insurance should this ever be needed.
  • What languages do you speak?
    We speak Engish, however Ben can also speak conversational Spanish should we need to converse with any Spanish staff or guests.
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